A word from the Managing Director

I consider my career path at El Hazek Construction to have been both privileged as well as exceedingly challenging; the privilege arising from the lengthy history of El Hazek Construction in the construction field, whereby I could leverage its existing foot in door; challenging in the sense that there lay a long road ahead, and I was determined to raise the bar of excellence and strive to remain one step ahead in this dynamic field.

That being said, we owe our ongoing success to the relationships we have cultivated with our clients, stakeholders and affiliated partners over the years.

Our hands-on work approach across the company has created a high-quality work standard and a passion to get all our projects completed turning every project into its individual success story.

As Managing Director of El Hazek Construction, it prides me to lead the company and its talents into the next era of innovation and growth, to leverage the successes of the past and cultivate the know-how and expertise of today to deliver the highest standards of quality construction projects and client satisfaction possible.

Mahmoud El Hazek

Organization Chart

Managing Team Biographies

Youssry El Hazek


Youssry El Hazek is Chief Executive Officer of the Egyptian Union for Construction and a member of the board of directors of the Egyptian Union for Investment (ElHazek) and the Arabic Union for Touristic and Real Estate Development. Prior to assuming his current role, Eng. Youssry was appointed Projects Manager at ElSayed Mohamed EL Hazek Sons for Construction during the period of 1979 to 1998. Eng. Youssry is also the founding partner and Managing Director of Badr ElHazek Qatar As CEO of El Hazek Construction, Eng. Youssry has been managing corporate direction and strategy for the company, which has led to significant growth and expansion throughout the region. Eng. Yousry is widely recognized in the field for leading El Hazek Construction’s successful track record and project achievements as well as contributing to the success of the sister companies in ElHazek group. Eng. Youssry ElHazek holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University.


Mahmoud Y. El Hazek

Managing Director

Mahmoud Y. El Hazek is Managing Director of El Hazek Construction Company based in Cairo, Egypt.
Previous to his current position, he was a site engineer for the St. Regis Hotel project with the Consolidated Contractors Company in Egypt (CCC offshore), before that he was Co-op for the construction management team of the Northeastern University Construction Management Facilities in Boston, Massachusetts. Since being appointed to the role of Managing Director in 2013, El-Hazek has brought a wealth of international experience to the company as well as demonstrated successful leadership in developing business and acquiringnotable projects including the construction and finishing of the Civil aviation club and the construction of the Hyde Park residential compound for Damac properties. Mahmoud Elhazek attained his Masters of Science in Construction Economics and Management from the University College London (UCL), graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA majoring in Civil Engineering.


Ahmed Mokhtar Mahfouz


Ahmed Mokhtar Mahfouz is the CFO at El Hazek Construction Cairo, Egypt. He is responsible for leading the Finance team in strategic planning, budgeting and capital management. Prior to assuming his current position at El Hazek Construction in 2016 he was CFO at Divine Worx for Food & Beverage for 9 years, before that he joined the Saudi German hospital in Madinah, KSA as Internal Auditor, Accounts Payable Supervisor and member of steering committee. Mokhtar also worked as Financial Manager and Head of treasury at Arabian International Construction during the period of 1998 to 2004. He held the position of External Auditor at Abd Wahab Grab office from1988 to 1998, and worked as site accountant at Nile Construction company for two years at the beginning of his career. Ahmed Mokhtar Mahfouz earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Banha University and has numerous certificates of training in the fields of management, purchasing and finance.


Mohamed Abou El Atta

Consultant of Estimation and Quality

Mohamed Abou El Atta is Consultant of Estimation and Quality at El Hazek Construction Cairo, Egypt. He is responsible for leading the El Hazek Construction estimation team and the pricing of all projects since he joined the company in 2009. Prior to his current position in El Hazek Construction, Abou Elatta held numerous positions over the span of his career in Egypt and abroad contributing to over 48 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field. Abou Elatta started his career in 1969 as project site engineer at ELNil General Co. for Bridges in Egypt, and then moved to General Housing Establishment in Libya. He joined Al Riyadh Enterprise Construction in Saudi Arabia as Project Manager and Main Contractor Representatives. Between the period of 1987 and 2005 Abou Elatta served as Head of the Technical Department at Arabian International Construction (AIC) in Egypt where he contributed to notable projects including The Moubarak pumping station, Sidi Krir power station, the New Naga Hammadi Barrage and Hydropower plant amongst many others. In 2003 Abou Elatta was appointed Deputy General Manager for Alwalli Construction Co. in Cairo, Egypt and then moved to AB Group in Al Riyadh as Head of the Construction Division in 2006. Mohamed Abou Elatta holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering form Cairo University and has undergone extensive training in the areas of Project Management, Contracts Negotiations, Crises Management and Time Management


Mona El Dabe

General Manager – Commercial

Mona El Dabe is Business Development and Contact Consultant at El Hazek Construction Cairo, Egypt. Mrs El Dabe has been commissioned to strategically lead new business initiatives and contract negotiation in the next phase of expansion of El Hazek Construction. With almost two decades in the construction field, Mrs. El Dabe has been on the forefront of the most distinguished companies in the local market and abroad. Prior to joining El Hazek Construction in 2017, she was appointed Commercial Director at First Residence For Real Estate Development where she also fulfilled the role of General Manager, before that she was Commercial Manager at Hassan Allam Construction where she was known for her out of scope initiatives in elevating productivity and corporate image. During the period of 2007 to 2009, Mrs. El Dabe joined N&L IT Development and Support Agency in Houston, Texas as Business Development Manager. Previously working for Orascom Construction Industries as Contracts Engineer and for Contrack International Incorporation as Cost Control Engineer. Mona El Dabe earned her Master Degree in Business Administration in 2006 from Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands, she holds a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and has undergone several training courses in project management, planning and negotiation.


Haitham Mohamed Nasr

Supply Chain Director

Haitham Mohamed Nasr is the Supply Chain Director at El Hazek Construction Cairo, Egypt. He is responsible for overseeing all supply chain practices and material planning, as well as leading the entire team of procurement professionals. Prior to joining El Hazek Construction in 2016, Haitham Nasr was the Senior Supply Chain Manager at Dar ElMimar (Mountain View) (DMC), before that he was appointed Procurement manager at Al-Futtaim Carillion (AFC), Egypt. Over the span of his career Mr. Nasr has held several distinguished positions in both Egypt and the KSA including; Procurement Manager at Arabian Construction Company (ACC), Senior Estimator at Contrack International, Construction Design Engineer at Ghazi Consulting House KSA, Section Engineer at Ben-Geralla Construction Company KSA, and Executive Construction Site Engineer at United for Developing Projects. Haitham Mohamed Nasr holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Engineering as well as a Masters degree in Construction Project Management.


Mahmoud El Sheikh

HSE Project Manager

Mahmoud El Sheikh is HSE Project Manager at El Hazek Construction Cairo, Egypt. He has been responsible for the compliance and implementation of all Health, Safety and Environmental regulations in all on site projects. Before joining the company in 2016, Mahmoud ElSheikh has held several positions in the region, including HSE coordinator at Garden House Development in Doha, Qatar, as well as HSE officer at El Yarmouk Construction Company in Dubai, UAE and in Alahram Contracting Company in Cairo, Egypt, contributing to over 15 years of extensive experience in the field of health and safety. Mahmoud Elsheikh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law from ElMonofeya University as well as several certificates in the areas of work safety and emergency.


Tamer Ahmed Alsobky

Tendering Director

Tamer Ahmed Alsobky is the Tendering Director at El Hazek Construction Cairo, Egypt. He is responsible for monitoring and reviewing all aspects of the PCSD functions and leading the teams of estimators, technical engineers and contract administrators. Prior to his current position at El Hazek Construction; Tamer Alsobky was Senior Tendering Manager at Hassan Allam Construction, he also held several positions throughout the region during his career including Technical Office Manager at Aliaber Contracting and General Transportation covering Dubai and Abu Dhabi, before that he was Technical Office Engineer at Talent Engineering Group for Cairo and Dubai. Tamer Alsobky started off his career in Egypt as a Structural Engineer at Dr. Mostafa Abdullatif Design Consultancy then moved to ElDawleya General Contracting as a Project Engineer. Tamer Alsobky holds a Bachelor of Structural Engineering from Ain Shams University, he earned his MBA from ESLSCA Business School and has received numerous certificates in project management, leadership, finance and risk management.


Samar Aggour

Human Resources Manager

Samar Aggour is the Human Resources Manager at El Hazek Construction Cairo, Egypt, where she is leading the teams handling recruitment and personnel affairs. Before her current position at El Hazek Construction, Samar Aggour was Head of the Human Resources departments at Benchamrk Integrated Solutions for four years, she also headed the HR department at Consulting Engineering Office for one year. Mrs. Aggour held several positions across different sectors during her career including; HR Generalist at Sipetrol International, Senior HR Specialist at Pico Energy Group, she was also Recruitment Manager at Criticalsites and worked as Recruitment and Development SH for AVIT at the beginning of her career. Samar Aggour holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Ain Shams University, and Earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a focus in Human Resources from the Arab Academy for Science & Maritime Technology in 2010.


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